But what is access control?

Access control system installations are security measures designed to regulate and manage entry to specific areas or resources within a building or property. They employ various technologies like keycards, RFID tags, biometrics, and keypads to authenticate and authorize individuals based on predetermined permissions.

These systems not only enhance security by preventing unauthorized access, but also provide a convenient and efficient way to manage the flow of people within a space. Access control is crucial in safeguarding sensitive information, valuable assets, and ensuring the safety of occupants in a wide range of environments, from homes and businesses to large-scale commercial establishments.

Below are two of our most successful access control related products. Some of these products are better suited for certain environments over others—so read carefully. While one product may emphasize access control for hotels, another product may be designed for access control for commercial buildings.



In the realm of access control system installations and access control system updates, SECO-LARM Enforcer stands out as industry leader, offering time-tested solutions that redefine security measures. This product seamlessly integrates technology and innovation to fortify entrances and ensure only authorized individuals gain access. The Enforcer is a backlit keypad that supports RFID access control. This product is great for office spaces. It’s simplicity and reliability ensure that individuals without the proper codes are blocked from entering.

The Enforcer’s keyscan access control system is a game-changer in access management. It empowers administrators to effortlessly grant or revoke access rights, providing a level of control and security that was previously unparalleled. This feature is indispensable in environments where precise access control is paramount. They call this product the Enforcer because it is designed for commercial storefront doors, and is a testament to their commitment to security. These solutions seamlessly integrate with access control systems, creating a formidable defense against unauthorized entry—making the Enforcer one of the best access control system upgrades for places like hotels, offices, or storefronts.


Keypad Access Control Installation
Keypad Access Control Installation



The ZKTeco Cloud based Access Control System is an exemplary security solution, lauded for its robust wireless technology and user-friendly interface. This cutting-edge device employs advanced RFID card reader connected with mobile application and computers, ensuring swift and precise access control from anywhere. With its rapid recognition speed and high accuracy, it fortifies the overall safety of any premises.

The ZKTeco system boasts impressive versatility, accommodating a vast access control database and a substantial user capacity. Its sleek, compact design seamlessly integrates into various architectural styles, making it an unobtrusive addition. Additionally, this kind of access control system upgrade offers supplementary authentication methods such as PIN codes, RFID cards, Keyfob and Card reader, or all functions all together providing flexibility in access management. The ZKTeco access control systems guarantee not only heightened security but also a seamless, hassle-free user experience. This standout system exemplifies ZKTeco’s dedication to innovative, reliable security solutions for any commercial site.

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